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The decision to renovate may be triggered by a number of events. You might find that your house needs repair such as updated roofing, siding or windows. It may be time to freshen up a no longer functional kitchen. Changes to lifestyle such as the arrival of a new child or the need for a home office usually require changes to the home. Often, homeowners simply want to update their home in order to better suit their lifestyle or to maintain viability.

A successful home renovation begins with good design. Whether expanding your living space by finishing your basement, updating your kitchen or reconditioning your entire house. The design and planning of the project ultimately contributes to your satisfaction with the end product.

When considering home renovations remember the Golden Rules of Renovation:

Identify What you Want:
What problems are you trying to solve? Is your bathroom cramped? Are you looking for more storage space? Would your elderly home benfit from modern amenities?

Develop a “wish list” including specific features you would like to include in your renovation. Consider the impotantce of each item; is it a ‘must have’, or is it a ‘like-to-have’ that can be reconsidered according to the demands of budget.

Set a Realistic Budget
Keep it simple – complex designs can result in complicated and often expensive construction. Whether you want to change your kitchen, remodel your bathroom or add heating under your new tiles, Bomex Tile Inc. will advise on the impact of design on construction and budget.

Work with the strengths of your home to save money. There are many ideas that will suit your budget.

Plan for the Long Term
Evaluate the structure, systems and general condition of your property. Make a list of repairs and replacements likely to be required over the next 2, 5 and 10 years. If necessary, be prepared to make trade-offs between lifestyle improvements and work needed to keep your home in optimum operating condition.

Look at your neighbourhood. Exterior changes that blend with existing streetscape may add the most value to your home. If you have your heart on a distinctive design, Bomex Tile Inc. can help you achieve the look you want in a manner that complements your neighbourhood.

Don’t worry about trends. Design trends are transient. Plan for the comfort, lifestyle and the personal satisfaction of you and your family. You will experience contentment within your home for years to come.

Do not Jeopardize the Quality of the Renovation by Compromising on the Quality of Products/Materials.

Don’t cut corners to save a few dollars or you may not get the results you want. There may be ways to stretch a limited budget, scale down a project or perform the renovation in planned phases over time in order to achieve your design goals. Rather than compromise on quality, it is better to do less and do it well.